PAR­A­DIGM - cycle reflects cur­rent change of social-​scientific par­a­digm. This change began with new sci­en­tific /​theoretical physics, psy­chol­ogy, medicine/​dis­cov­er­ies dur­ing last cen­tury, that refused model of the world as a mechan­i­cal machine. These break­throughs forced the need of think­ing in brand new way about the ques­tion of how the world and uni­verse works. Because this change of think­ing is fun­da­men­tal, the changeover must be rad­i­cal and strongly bat­ters all habits and mind schemes. Partly the fear of such a huge changeover, maybe our adher­ence to the old orders, acti­vates defen­sive mech­a­nisms in us that don’t admit this process. That might be the rea­son why it is still though as some­thing absurd that doesn’t con­cerns us.


Par­ti­cle physi­cist dis­cov­ered that when they observe a par­ti­cle it changes its own sub­stance accord­ing to this obser­va­tion. If we use this fact on psy­cho­log­i­cal level must we real­ize that actu­ally we define things by watch­ing them. With our own prism we build our world. We build with opin­ion and mea­sure by the angle of sight. This work is try­ing to describe my own prism in one par­tic­u­lar time, on one point of my own timeline.